Friday, November 2, 2007

Sun & Moon Icon ...

Draft versions

1."Polygon" Sun

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I read the legend about Ra (the God of Sun in Ancient Egypt) who create all things on the Earth. Therefore, I came up with an idea, Sun could be present by basic elements : triangle, rectangle,circle and one more shape which represents the cloud.

2."Musical" Sun

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As be known from Greek Legend, Apollo, the God Sun, is also the God of poetry and music. His symbol is lyre, an musical instrument, and he's excellent in playing it. Consequently, I used his symbol and some abstract musical note in order to express the "Musical" Sun.

3."Camera" Sun & Moon

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It contains Sun and Moon. As Maddy said in class, the client of me is an photographer, so he must use one camera to take pictures.Then my idea was based on the lens of camera, which is the most important equipment for the photographer. Lens has bevel gears for user to control; in my opinion, those gears is similar to the light surrounding the sun. And when the lens is covered, it is completely a circle which is the real shape of Moon. However, I did add more details in Moon side; especially the background for Moon icon, I put some lozenge which represents stars in night sky.

4."Ying Yang" Sun & Moon

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In Chinese tradition, Ying Yang is the symbol which present two element different but can't live without each other. Similar to Sun and Moon, they have the connection between those two elements. One is dark, but soft and charm; the other is bright, strong and power. They support each other. That's is the idea for my 4th icon.

5."Human Eye" Sun & Moon

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This icon I like the most (perhaps I choose it to illustrate in Illustrator later), the human eye which consist Sun and Moon. The most attractive part in human eye is the iris, and when we look at it deeply, we can find some tiny lines. Then I imaged those lines are the light surrounding the Sun, and if we ignore the details, we got a circle (again, it's the real shape of Moon). Another reason why I chose Human Eye structure to create Sun and Moon icon is eye is the first lens of one photographer ;) .Photographer have to use their eyes to choose the best angle and best view in order to capture one picture later by a man-made lens ^^ .


Illustration versions are upcoming ...

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