Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Idea for Final Project

Although I realized these two flash didn't meet the requirement of the final project, I still want to upload these ones here for people to have a look.

Uhm, the main idea is a sequence of reactions one people could have when they break up with their lover. Well, I tend to divided it into 3 parts : Love broken, Silence and Recovery.

Love broken

Love broken part

Like the haiku, when you have missed the love, you feel depressed and cannot be interested in anything (Actually, I don't know how to explain it in words, hope you all can enjoy the flash and have you own opinion )


I haven't make up the Silence part in Flash file; however, I'll try to describe it here. There will be a scene of sunset, then a leaf is falling down and stick on one window. Under sunshine, a leaf's shadow is similar to the heart and there is a small hole in that heart.The haiku is

"the old doll
in the junk store window
sunning herself"


Recovery part

Recovery is the final part of the sequence; when the hurt is cured and people continue the own normal life. I don't want the "a wren" phase occurred in that way; but it's an error I can't fix (although, when testing in .fla file, everything works well )

Yah, that's all ^^ .Uhm, I think after this semester, I'll finish this file (hì, just for my own interest). Honestly, I put many efforts to this flash (don't know why, maybe 'coz of my personal interest in "love broken" and "one-sided love", ^^" )

Good luck to all you for the final exams ^^ and Happy Lunar New Year !!!

Credit: the first haiku is Anonymous author
the two following haiku are made by Kobayashi Issa

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Business Card

I make this card for my friend. She has to use it for business contact; therefore the card must reveal the formal and business information in it.

As she ask me, the main color is blue, so I change the color balance of RMIT's photo.
Moreover, I use sans serif font for her name in order to provide a clear view for the name, which is the most important info.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cool Business Card ...

While searching Business card sample for my work, I suddenly found out this website. Yeah, it contains pretty cool Business Card designs ^^, which almost break the normal rule about card decoration.

I post some cards I like the most here ^^ .For further look, you can visit:
More cool business card design

One card was divided, it's a illustration for the division.

Using the old card for the second-hand shop, it's absolutely fantastic. This design can demonstrate the functionality and purpose of the shop very clearly in a simple way.

I like this one the most, what can I say ? Simply the best ^^

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My typography Flash

This is actually my assignment 2C . Because I choose Playbill font, which is one of West Fonts, so all pictures added are related to American West in 19th Century

Assignment 2C

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Safe Sex Poster ...

It's weekend and we're all suffering Java 1 assignment T___T. So, this blog is a little interest I can have from to day to Xmas ^^" .

This following picture is the poster of Safe Sex I made for Assignment 2B. Mytarget viewer in this poster is the homorsexual people, especially for the girl. During researching fro this assignment, I realized the lack of acknowledgement about decease tramissed through homorsex. That's why I did this poster

Slogan is emphasized on the word "Whoever", "Whoever" you are : men, women, and even your partner's gender. Condom is needed to protect you from danger.

One thing I'm afraid that the metaphor, maybe it's hard for some people to understand (some of my friends do, but other recognize the messages quite easily)

There is some trouble in color when I uploaded the CMYK version; therefore I change the color mode to RGB, which caused a little difference (in black color)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

DVD interface ...

X-mas is coming, so I choose to do the interface for "Love Actually" movie, which is my favorite film and also a well-known Christmas movie.

I use "Silent night" as the theme song to offer a calm feeling in Christmas.Moreover,the feeling of viewer after watching this movie is warm and happy, so Silent Night is an appropriate solution. I add some snow to provide better "Christmas atmosphere" (but it doesn't look good, maybe I'll fix it later)

Link Love Actually

Credit: poster Love Actually from
"Silent Night" song from
Thank Raymond Dao for the code to embed Flash

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Collage ...

Here is my self portrait collage,there are several things I want to express through this image

1. The gesture of myself express my charactericstic: shyness and have a tendancy to protect my self.

2. The hands reveals my own identification: I look at the real world in my own way and I know what should I do to identify myself to others.

3. The background is made up by my name Chop and a sequence of numbers which is one of my hobby. I ussually remember one issue by assiging it one value; therefore, through the whole number sequence, many feelings are expressed.

4. I choose green color as the background because of two reason :
- that's my favourite color
- Green is the color of jealous and that's a potiental characteristic inside me.

5. The target at the left corner represents for my direction, I've got my own orient, so now I just target it .