Saturday, December 15, 2007

Collage ...

Here is my self portrait collage,there are several things I want to express through this image

1. The gesture of myself express my charactericstic: shyness and have a tendancy to protect my self.

2. The hands reveals my own identification: I look at the real world in my own way and I know what should I do to identify myself to others.

3. The background is made up by my name Chop and a sequence of numbers which is one of my hobby. I ussually remember one issue by assiging it one value; therefore, through the whole number sequence, many feelings are expressed.

4. I choose green color as the background because of two reason :
- that's my favourite color
- Green is the color of jealous and that's a potiental characteristic inside me.

5. The target at the left corner represents for my direction, I've got my own orient, so now I just target it .

1 comment:

zitavo said...

haha, I find it really funny and interesting when you use some java code to identify your characteristics. :d