Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Idea for Final Project

Although I realized these two flash didn't meet the requirement of the final project, I still want to upload these ones here for people to have a look.

Uhm, the main idea is a sequence of reactions one people could have when they break up with their lover. Well, I tend to divided it into 3 parts : Love broken, Silence and Recovery.

Love broken

Love broken part

Like the haiku, when you have missed the love, you feel depressed and cannot be interested in anything (Actually, I don't know how to explain it in words, hope you all can enjoy the flash and have you own opinion )


I haven't make up the Silence part in Flash file; however, I'll try to describe it here. There will be a scene of sunset, then a leaf is falling down and stick on one window. Under sunshine, a leaf's shadow is similar to the heart and there is a small hole in that heart.The haiku is

"the old doll
in the junk store window
sunning herself"


Recovery part

Recovery is the final part of the sequence; when the hurt is cured and people continue the own normal life. I don't want the "a wren" phase occurred in that way; but it's an error I can't fix (although, when testing in .fla file, everything works well )

Yah, that's all ^^ .Uhm, I think after this semester, I'll finish this file (hì, just for my own interest). Honestly, I put many efforts to this flash (don't know why, maybe 'coz of my personal interest in "love broken" and "one-sided love", ^^" )

Good luck to all you for the final exams ^^ and Happy Lunar New Year !!!

Credit: the first haiku is Anonymous author
the two following haiku are made by Kobayashi Issa

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Business Card

I make this card for my friend. She has to use it for business contact; therefore the card must reveal the formal and business information in it.

As she ask me, the main color is blue, so I change the color balance of RMIT's photo.
Moreover, I use sans serif font for her name in order to provide a clear view for the name, which is the most important info.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cool Business Card ...

While searching Business card sample for my work, I suddenly found out this website. Yeah, it contains pretty cool Business Card designs ^^, which almost break the normal rule about card decoration.

I post some cards I like the most here ^^ .For further look, you can visit:
More cool business card design

One card was divided, it's a illustration for the division.

Using the old card for the second-hand shop, it's absolutely fantastic. This design can demonstrate the functionality and purpose of the shop very clearly in a simple way.

I like this one the most, what can I say ? Simply the best ^^