Sunday, December 23, 2007

Safe Sex Poster ...

It's weekend and we're all suffering Java 1 assignment T___T. So, this blog is a little interest I can have from to day to Xmas ^^" .

This following picture is the poster of Safe Sex I made for Assignment 2B. Mytarget viewer in this poster is the homorsexual people, especially for the girl. During researching fro this assignment, I realized the lack of acknowledgement about decease tramissed through homorsex. That's why I did this poster

Slogan is emphasized on the word "Whoever", "Whoever" you are : men, women, and even your partner's gender. Condom is needed to protect you from danger.

One thing I'm afraid that the metaphor, maybe it's hard for some people to understand (some of my friends do, but other recognize the messages quite easily)

There is some trouble in color when I uploaded the CMYK version; therefore I change the color mode to RGB, which caused a little difference (in black color)

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