Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Collage portrait ....

Yeah, this is the first portrait collage picture I made. Well, it looks quite messy, I think. However, let me tell my idea for this picture:

1. The girl has two type faces, one is made by photography, whereas the other seems to be sketched by hand. The reason why I do this is to represent the "mask" existing in everyone. Everyone try to create a mask for themselves in order to hide their true feeling. And the "drawing" half face reveals this stuff; otherwise the other expresses something related to nature and organic.Some red lines on "drawing" half faces stand for the idea of evil inside people.

2. I still remember the phase :"Blond and pink girl" from Maddy, and suddenly I remember one attitude that girl with blond hair is considered as a material guy. Therefore, I put some luxury stuffs in the background : money, rings, bag and lipstick.

3. All women love beauty, so the crown has added to the girl's head to emphasize this ambition. Personally, at the first time I saw the original picture, I have my own opinion about her : she's kind of people who try to do many things ( ex: making up or having cosmetic surgery) to make herself more beautiful. So I added the crown to stress on this point.

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