Sunday, December 9, 2007

iPod ....

Well, I addict to iPod now ^o^ after watching several introduction videos of Apple products from youtube. Uhmmmm ... I hope I can get one iPod, but I don't have enough money now T___T , so I try to create one iPod by Photoshop :D . It's quite easy to make one "photoshop iPod" because of the simple (but very effective) design. Then, I suddenly think :"Why shouldn't I make an Ad for this product?", and so I make this poster ^^ .

Another version with a little bit different ^^

I'm not sure what accurately this iPod is :D, maybe it's a 3rd generation iPod Nano. Whatever it is, let me explain why I make the design in this way ^^ .

I choose blue as the color of the iPod to offer a calm feeling for viewer, also the iPod body has to be dimmed so that the screen can engage the attention from people. To emphasize this point, I use red as the dominant color of the screen, red is quite hot and attractive enough. Also, this color supports to the action of the woman on the screen, she tries to break the iron bar of the jail.One more reason to use red is that red and blue combination provide a good contrast.I think you all can easily recognize the screen is absolutely made in iPod advertising style :D.

Now, let's look at the text.As the main concept in every Apple ad is simple but efficient; therefore, I chose a clear sans-serif font and apply the "theory" I learned from my friend's blog (Charter's blog ^^). To stress on the word iPod, its size dominates the other ones, and it's dropped shadow and impacted by glossy effect (which becomes a characteristic in Apple design).

I choose the slogan :"let iPod set you free" which is inspired from common perception :music make people feel free.

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