Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sketching for my own flash ...

Uhm, I suddenly have idea for my own flash since two weeks ago, but that time I was too busy to sketch the storyboard.Therefore, today, I've drawn few pictures for my flash, and will finish it tomorrow.

There are a lot pictures, so I gather two frames in one file to reduce the file size.

There is a trouble with blogger so I lost all my description about my work; therefore I have to do it again.

1. I tend to choose different fonts for each number (as can be recognized from my sketch). That represent for the variety of things existing in the world.

2. The "1" stands for the beginning and "n" stands for an unknown destination,because usually we don't where the destination is.

3. The sudden appearance of the 3 dots again reveals unknown element; in this case, it's the time (how long we should spend to go to the destination).

4. The sudden appearance of "4" represents the obstacle which can easily occur in human life. Moreover, the different font of "4" from the other numbers express the various risk hidden.

5. I haven't decide the end of my flash, but maybe it will end up with happy ending. Whenever the man put enough effort, he can get the "n"( the destination) which is the present for his try. Otherwise, some new numbers continuously appear to prevent him from accessing the destination.

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