Sunday, November 11, 2007


I found a pretty pic from flikr; however, I'm not sure whether the picture is copyright or not.So I put the credit here :

"broken plank on ladder" picture - Upload on October 9th, 2005 by maleeha.azeem

and my "stealing" pic

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My idea is :

1. In Vietnamese culture, we have a perception about ladder :"Nấc thang cuộc đời" ( the ladder of life"). The ladder is broken, which means one part of life has been taken away.

2. The bottom known as a basic part of everything, if the bottom is not firm, it immediately impacts the development later. The ladder here is lose its part in the bottom; therefore if the beginning has been "steal", there is no doubt for one un-bright future.

3. For some people, Yellow provides a sad feeling. Yellow which is the color of autumn leaves, sunset, color of "the ending" period. In addition, yellow offers a good contrast to the background (which is blue) .So I applied yellow in my text, also make it a little blur. Blur reveals a shaky for the text and the ladder in picture.

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