Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pride ...

I have 2 version for the idea "A wound to one pride", one of this is came from the lesson Collage of Maddy. However, I have just made one version for my idea, the "collage" version will be come later (because of the lack of equipment now).

Making progress:

1. I took the picture of my bear.
2. Add text to it

Could you realize the mask of Dark Vader? why is Dark Vader? If you've ever watched STAR WARS, you know Dark Vader is a powerful man, he is the lord of Dark side. Consequently, he has a absolute pride. However, when the mask is taken away, Dark Vader no longer is a Dark Vader. There is a wound to his pride, and what he feels when it's taken away is almost like his body is broken. There is a metaphor here, the physical and moral hurt : physical hurt is the leg is taken and moral one is his pride. Red text attracts viewer eyes and also put a strength for itself. The "Pride" letter is bold to become the dominance for the whole picture.Two letters "my" and "PRIDE" stick each other to reveal the close link between the pride and human mind.

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