Sunday, November 18, 2007

Photoshop Practice ...

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The last class, I have a good lesson to experience how to using Photoshop for picture manipulation.I did many versions for the exercise; however, the stupid computer at school suddenly shut down while I hadn't save my picture to H drive T______T . Therefore, I just keep only one version of the "Eye" picture. However, I really love the picture ^_^ . I haven't remember much how I made it, but there is still something I want to mention :

1.main color is green which is support by yellow in some parts of the picture.Green and Yellow provide a good harmony, also they give a magical feeling. The whole background is applied cloud filter in order to offer an feeling unpredictable.

2. The black at the right corner express shadow from one guy's face, also it make the background seems similarly an old paper.

3. I used a handwriting brush which make the background more like the old paper.

I try to make my picture seem to be an eye looking through one paper. It doesn't dedicatedly scare people, but make people feel curious when looking at it.

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