Friday, November 9, 2007

HAT Tournament Logo ....

Again, I received one short time contract T____T (it is perhaps an one-day contract). This time, the contract requires me to design one logo for HAT Tournament held in Vietnam. It's quite funny that I don't know much information about this tournament. All I know is that the tournament is a Frisbee competition and it has been hold annually in Vietnam for 2 years. So what should I do to deal with this contact?

1. I searched in the Internet some example of sport logo. I realized mostly the logo is abstracted in player's image.

2. Experience in my previous design, gradient and color should be care in using.

Finally, I decide to keep letter "H" and "T" simple, and decorate a little bit in letter "A". I choose the image of one player pull the Frisbee disc (which always occurs at the start of one new point). My personally thinking about this action is that it express the passion and spirit of each team when they start fighting in one "battle" ^^

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Uhm, my personal comments for my all work are:

1. If the logo is put on the shirt, I think it's ok because it's almost filled by white color and the logo worth a small space in the shirt. However, if the logo placed in the disc surface, it provides a big negative space. Therefore, I suggest one circle around the disc in order to decrease the negative space.

2. The font for "H" and "T" is not good, it contains curve which decrease the attraction of viewer in decorative "A". I'm trying to find one suitable font. Uhm, I think a serif which doesn't contain curve, but straight line and square is an appropriate solution.

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