Sunday, November 25, 2007

Frisbee flier

I made this flier for RMIT Vietnam Ultimate Frisbee Tournament (it's such a long name for one sport competition T___T ) .Uhm, for this flier, I want to change my normal style (my friend told it's cartoonist T__T), so my purpose is to make this flier quite attractive and different to my normal design.

Then, I came up with the idea using photography. I found one free and un-copyrighted image in the Internet. The picture's angle is pretty good, so my job was mostly playing with typography.

Because of the length of the competition's name, so I choose two words from the name as the main elements, which are RMIT and Tournament.To attract viewers' view, the other characters are dimmed and only one T is used to link two words "RMIT" and "Tournament"

I align the text at corner left as it's the direction of man's eye view and the disc.Also, I applied some effects (overlay one white layer and duplicate some necessary layer ) to clear the text.

Because the flier is printed in black and white, so I change the color mode of the picture into grayscale.

Updated version ...

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